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I am not a lead developer here. But for the past few months, I've been working with this great developer from Canada. They have a small team down there, so they out-source most of the work to my team, here in Pakistan.
What that guy does is, he assigns us tickets every two weeks, enough for us to continue for at least two/three weeks. Then he schedules a skype meeting and explains what needs to be done.

As he developed the platform himself a couple of years ago, he knows a lot about the code base and the issues we might face when working on a ticket. So as a heads up, he would mention some of the major issues, right there, in the ticket, when he is creating it.

This way, we, the remote team, go through all of tickets before the meeting and then ask any potential questions we might have prior to getting our hands dirty! And he is accessible, pretty much always, whenever we have any more questions for him!

This might not be a very great technique. And one of my team mates actually asked him this very question that how does he manage his work, given that he spends a lot of time working with us? The thing he said, is the actual reason I am replying.

He believes that if he is prioritizing his work over ours, he can probably work fast and complete his stuff more quickly and efficiently. But this way he will only have one guy working at a time. But if he prioritize our work along side his too, he gets three to four people working at a time. Which in turn, increases over-all productivity.

So, according to him, it's all about prioritizing stuff.

I hope this help!


I think this is really helpful. I need to put more thought into planning the work distribution. I also think the mere exercise of thinking about this and reading your comment helps me think about this a little more. Thank you!

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