Using mocked APIs to increase developer productivity

Alexandre on May 22, 2019

When we’re developing a frontend, we just might be lucky enough to have a full-fledged API, although in the real world, for the most time, we’ll g... [Read Full]
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Hey there,

we are confronted with this on a daily basis and we are currently looking for the best solution for us. Right now we are trying out to use Fiddler as a proxy with it's AutoResponder feature which allows us to use any rest client library and implement down to the request. Might do a quick write up later.


That looks like a nice alternative. I tend to look for simpler solutions (that explains why I've used json-server).

After writing the article I remembered a better way to mock http requests without depending on axios, that is to basically to mock XMLHttpRequest. This way the application wouldn't know about it and it would not be bounded to axios interceptors.

Would love to read what you're writing on your solution


What do you mean mock XMLHttpRequest? Can you provide some more context? Like using this library for example?

Yes, that would be one option. Either that or something like PretenderJS does (


Hmmm... I tend to mock APIs by using a tool called Postman There's a free version that offers that flexibility to build your frontend.

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