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Discussion on: What's one thing you wish you knew before you started programming?

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Aschwin Wesselius

I started programming when I was 10 in 1975. Does that count? I had no idea about programming careers at all ;-)

My second take was in 1999, the time web development took a surge and HTML, CSS, JS etc. was easy to pick up and be paid for it. If I knew back then, that software engineering is a discipline and certain principles and theories were older than I was, I would have invested in that knowledge.

But hey, I'm a Pragmatic Programmer and I pick up things a long the way. It took me a long time (in solitude) to be where I am now. Now I do value the worth of good software engineering and what it offers to the economy.

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Ronaldo Peres

Who else wrote your first line of code when you were a child ?!

I used an Apple 2 when I was six, had some basic programs and made some changes to see what happened. That was really fun at the time!