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Discussion on: How I went from charging $100 to $10,000+ for a website

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Aschwin Wesselius • Edited on

A good company, a economically healthy company doesn't care about the money that comes in.

It cares about how much it can turn over. Yes, this indirectly makes it care about the money that comes in, but that is not the end.

If you can add value to make that turn over increase higher and higher, your worth will be higher too. Make that count.

From another point of view, John Sonmez (Simple Progammer fame) states it differently in his video:
How YOU Can Charge $300 AN HOUR As A Freelance Developer

realtoughcandy profile image Author

Thanks for your comment, but I disagree. I have never worked with a business owner who didn't directly care about their income (i.e. "money that comes in").

Mind you, I'm not working with the Apples and Amazons of the world, but small US-based business owners.

Sonmez discusses an hourly rate, which is something you rarely see in web development project contracts. Hourly rates don't make sense in this context because I may as well take 40 hours to complete a 10 hour task. A client would never allow that. Freelancing is about product delivered, not hours worked.