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Discussion on: As a self-taught, have you considered getting a degree afterwards?

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Aschwin Wesselius

I don't have a degree, since I'm an autodidact myself too. And I don't see a need for it, since it will not teach you the important stuff.

I needed to fill in the blanks too. And I never knew where to start.

If there is a curriculum that teaches you the important stuff from the get go, yes take it! But none of this exists in our field of "science". Computer science is not what makes up software development. Neither does informatics.

I will not invest time into an offical degree. However, I do spent quite some time to get into the important stuff.

The principles we have to deal with every single day are very old and still apply. Knowing these will bring you quite far and don't need a degree for getting to know them.

I expect the book "Righting Software" by Juval Löwy to become a classic. It will teach you things that no curriculum teaches you. This is the important stuff I mentioned. Right from one of the most legendary software architects around on this planet.