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Discussion on: Cloud Run vs App Engine: a head-to-head comparison using facts and science

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Ashish “Logmaster” Boston

Your app-engine was setup to "autoscale" hence the instance would stay up constantly costing you $. If you changed it to "basic" auto-scaling, GAE would have auto scale down and stop the instance and costs should be similar to cloud run. Could you pls re-test with this setting so its a more fair comparison. Thanks,

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msl00 • Edited

The linked documentation could be more clear, but it is not correct to say that "autoscaled" instances are "up constantly costing you $". You linked to the "Instance State" section, and it is saying that "autoscaled" instances will only ever show as being in the "running" state (vs the "stopped" state possible for "manual" or "basic" scaling). This is because "autoscaled" instances are shut down after some time (if no requests come in), not that the instances are running 24/7.