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Nope , I am not using Bootstrap anymore and I don't think I will be going back anytime soon.

Reason:Because most Bootstrap sites look really cookie-cutter and also Because stuff is easy now. Back in the day when I used Bootstrap,it was primarily for the grid system that Bootstrap offered. This was when flexbox and css grid weren't a thing and the only way of creating good looking and responsive layouts was to use floats and percentages. This seemed way too much to do on your own when all you wanted was a simple responsive website.

Flexbox changed it though, and even more did css grid. Now in 2019 both modules are well supported in all major browsers and have really simplified the process of creating responsive layouts.

Now many may argue that Bootstrap provides way more than just a flexbox based grid system like various components and utility classes.
I agree to that but when I am creating a website , I would rather prefer to create the styling and components on my own than using a framework.

This may sound ridiculous, but this is a really practical way of learning html,css and javascript and once you have done this a few times, you kind of create a front end library of your own. So the next time you have to create a component like a navbar for a new project, you simply use your library.

There are few advantages to this, first you learn a lot and real,you improve your front-end skills. Second,you know exactly how everything works(stuff like which class does what) and third , there's no unrequired code, you only use those classes that you need to.

In the end, it's all about personal preference.I personally like to create styling from scratch as I feel it gives me some additional flexibility. Bootstrap does simplify styling a lot when creating prototypes but for a portfolio website for a client? I would rather go with a tailor-made website.

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