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Discussion on: How did you get into programming in the first place?

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Mohammed Asim

I was 2002 and I was 21. I was pushed to take up a 4 year computer science degree by my parents. I had no clue, nor did they about what was computer science. But I'm thankful that they invested their time and money to get me a decent education no matter what the challenges were. I was taught C in the first semester, and I loved it, but the theory and math that came with a 4 year program bored me to death. It took me five years to get my head around all the theory needed to pass the exams, and when I graduated in late 2007 the recession was starting to kick in, which meant that I only got my first job in 2010. The desire to make up for lost time meant that I ignored family & friends for the next 7 years, working long weekends, and dreaming code even when i was sleeping. A rather hectic 7 years later, I now have a rather cushy job of an architect, and I don't get to code as often as I would like to. I'm now evaluating what new language to learn (Dart / Go / rust ... so many to choose from!) and contemplating taking a break from work so that I can reconnect with friends and family.