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Discussion on: DevOps Engineer isn't a job title, except it is

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Ngaww • Edited

How about "DevOps Architect".

By "Architect", I mean the person who organize the environment so that the people who live in the environment have a uniform knowledge of 4w1h to solve their concerns efficiently.

It is similar to when you "architect" the application code so that developers who write the actual code know which code should be where.

For example, developers don't ask an architect to write code for, says, a controller. They ask "what is in a controller and what is not". Architect can create a "framework" to accommodate and ensure that a controller written by any developers satisfies the definition of a controller and does not miss any concerns.

Similarly in terms of DevOps, an architect create a "framework/pipeline/process" to accommodate and ensure satisfaction of what the team may deem of DevOps concerns such as 4w1h of CI/CD, monitoring, logging, automate testing, security scan etc. No one should ask a DevOps architect to do the deployment or checking the application log files, but the architect should tell them how to do it, in the way that utilize automation to minimize silos and maximize productivity among team members.

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Ken Mugrage Author

This is where I get fairly pedantic (perhaps overly so) about the definition of terms. The way I define DevOps Architect wouldn't fit. In my opinion, there's no such thing as a "devops pipeline" or "devops platform".

That said, I'm a strong believer in platforms in general, especially when the teams creating them are acting as a product team in a DevOps (cross functional, value based) culture. As I think you are getting at, this team could architect something like a continuous integration platform which enables other product teams to define their own pipelines.

Side note, but something to be aware of; In some organizations the term architect has come to mean an ivory tower department of no, with heavyweight controls like change review panels and such. I don't think that's what you're suggesting, just something to be aware of when creating role titles.