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First time I've heard "use the platform",
I thought everyone is using it, no? Perhaps they meant use the platform More?

As I have learnt later, what they actually meant was -
"Use the new features that are not shipped yet and mostly supported only by Chrome, so use the Chrome, and polyfill for everyone else".

But in light of recent news with Edge moving to Chromium stack,
"Use the platform = Use the Chrome"? Coincidence?

Even though they might be right in a longer term, but in short term, businesses that have invested in those ideas, probably are downshifting now.
I haven't seen anyone actually benefiting a lot from webcomponents reuse, mixing them inside of their applications with other frameworks, since most webcomponents libraries provide means to make a framework around them, just add Redux, and don't look around, you are using platform now.

Microfrontends architecture articles encourage use of webcomponents. But you can't have custom elements defined twice in the same page. I know that message was that you isolate your microfrontend, not use it to build everything. But message was picked up wrong by many.

I may have sounded salty, its just because I just have invested a lot in platform, I hope it will pay off one day, React's support will definitely help.

And lets wait for webassembly to replace javascript, lets see what use the platform will mean then:)

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