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Personal bias here, but I think web development is super fun and can get younger people and newbies hooked on writing code faster than some other stuff. For that, I would start out with codeacademy and move up from there to Wes Bos stuff or other tutorials along that student's interests.

I would also say to merge their interests with code -- if they like music, show them tone.js and apps built to make music, if they like art show them P5.js or Processing for Python, if they love math try something like D3 or Pandas, if they love makeup show them Sephora's steps into tech, if they love gaming show them Phaser etc.

Feel free to reach out for more specific resources! I have teaching experience with a lot of different aged of coders!


After some basic knowledge of web,
Wes Bos courses


Can you give me some advice please? I'm 16 old beginner and i don't really like WEB or Js. I want to become gamedeveloper but this little bit hard to start with because of my low knowledges.

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