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Discussion on: PWA - Why should you use it and not use it?

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Patrice Gauthier
  1. No download store presence

I find it weird that's one con for one of the reasons that PWA was created is to avoid the long flow of going to your favourite mobile OS store, clicking install, wait for it to download then be able to use it. People are annoyed by the growing consumption of disk usage relative to the benefit of using the app, the install flow and getting notifications to update an app. It also solves the problem of downloading a big amount of MBs on a bad network and could reduce your roaming charges (where if I'm not opening the app it's not updated). Also for users, installing an app could mean giving privilege access to the phone so they have to inspect the app privileges for anything odd (miners, unneeded GPS).

This impact of app install was significant.
In 2015 for Google, 69% users abandoned the page when they saw an interstitial to download the app:

Still in 2019:

So I would add in Pros: higher user retention of the app/website.

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Tharun Shiv Author

That's a good perspective 🙂 thanks for contributing