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PROGRAMMING is your daily tasks.


As a tutor, you set rules that guide your students, lay process to be follow and penalty for not abiding by the rules.

When you train a dog, you use special words like "sit",stay and fetch. Whenever you say those words to your dog it follow your command.

As a community, there is a rule lay down to every member of the community must abide to. Failure to abide to the rules set will be penalised.

That's exactly what's called Programming.

Unlike human programming.
A programming is " a process of writing program to a computer"

Getting started with programming is based on ALGORITHM.

According to a definition " a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer". Algorithm is not only process in mathematics or computer, it is the rule you set for yourself.

We work on algorithm in our daily activities, assuming you want to sign in to your Facebook account, you'll input your username and password. If the password is matched with what you use to create your account it'll log in, else it raise error.

Same to joining a community, some community will question you. Those questions are algorithm set by the community for you to become member, if your answer is correct to the question given you'll be approved.

Algorithm are rules you gabage into the computer to follow, the computer must abide to the rules given, if the computer doesn't abide the rules it'll be penalised (gabage out wrong information).

Knowing how algorithm works will enhance your software and how smart,secure your development will be. This algorithm are what formed AI (Artificial intelligence).

So, starting with your programming is based on the algorithm.

Dauda Mubar
AI practitioner | Data Analyst | Karateka | Entrepreneur

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