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Discussion on: Explain Load Balancers Like I'm Five

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Aswath KNM

Load balancers are available in two types but it's job is same .

That is handling network traffic

Have you ever been to a store where the crowd is so high ,such that one employee can't handle them all ??

That's when the store manager sends another one to take care of the crowd . If needed he will add more employees to handle the crowd .

So that each customer will get things done in minimal time .

If the crowd is small, he will remove them from crowd control.

Load balancer's job is similar to the manager's job.

When too many requests from users arrives server it'll take care of requests and split them to other servers . So no machine will be used too much.

Why load balancer exists is , a server machine can accept a limited number of requests . To make them work efficiently and rearrange requests to other machines load balancer exists