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Discussion on: Stop Memorizing! : The #1 Advice I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

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Ataias Pereira Reis

I tried using Anki to create flash cards to memorize the syntax of F#. In the beginning it was going nicely, but I was creating too many cards and memorizing too many useless details. Today I still use Anki, but it is like a last resort in case I see something in a reference book that I think I will likely forget but I would like to remember.

For instance, what is the name of the operator ?? in swift (answer nil coalescing operator)? I usually have a hard time memorizing names like these and then it is hard to google later too, so when I see a new term like this or an interesting library method I create a flashcard so that I review it.

I think this optimizes learning, at least for me. I guess 90% is what you mentioned and 10% trying to memorize certain details. One without the other would be possibly meaningless too.