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Searching topic suggestions for TypeScript screencast

atila profile image Atila Fassina ・1 min read

I have a Youtube channel called Scope Leak.

There you will find 5 minutes (aprox) screencast explaining concepts and patterns on web development. I have enjoyed very much recording TypeScript short tutorials for folks from beginner to intermediate level of acquaintance with the language.

And now I want to know from you.
What would like to see next?

As I said on the tweet, any idea will take. If it’s an advanced concept, I will try my best to make it approachable to all levels! If it’s a broad topic, I will take liberty on splitting on multiple videos. I personally find 5-10min videos nicer to watch and that’s what I'm going for on Scope Leak, still open to suggestions though.

If you are/were getting into TypeScript, what kind of concept/topic would you like to have a quick walkthough on?

My work thus far:

  • TypeScript Generics in under 5 minutes
  • TypeScript Utility Types: Part #1
  • TypeScript Utility Types: Part #2

You can also binge watch them in the Simplified TypeScript playlist if that’s your thing

  • Getting started with TypeScript

Needless to say, you will help me publishing more of these if you subscribe on youtube, twitter, and/or here on

Cover Photo by Daniel Kuruvilla on Unsplash

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Red Cap Tom

.d files are quite weird if you're out of the loop. Also a primer on definitelyTyped and how to contribute to it will probably aid lots of people doing JS migration stuff.

Caught your video about generics on a random YouTube binge - good watch!