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Solving "Index for table 'user' is corrupt; try to repair it"

I was trying to assign access to a database to the default root user in my MariaDB database hosted via phpmyadmin and I was getting the following error.

Can't open and lock privilege tables: Index for table 'user' is corrupt; try to repair it

Although not the exact same error but I got similar errors to the above one when trying to perform similar functions like setting password for the user tables or adding privileges to a user.

Let's see how to resolve issues like this:

  • First we need to check the tables that have errors or issues.
  • For this select the database where you need to repair the tables or find issues. Or select the database where you get errors similar to above.
  • Select all the tables in the database at the bottom left corner and choose the option Check table. This will show the exact tables where the issue is. Checking the tables in phpmyadmin
  • Next the tables with the issue can be selected and repaired as shown in the image below. Alternatively, all the tables in the database can be selected and the option Repair table can be selected to repair the tables if possible. Repairing the tables in phpmyadmin


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pattyland profile image

Only works for the very old MyISAM storage engine and is not really a helpful tip in 2022