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Discussion on: Implementing Passwordless Authentication in Node.JS

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The described solution actually introduces attack vectors; what if someone (else) has access to email / phone? They will be able to login.

Someone said "There is a barrier to access a mailbox.".. there is not! If I already have your mailbox then I can get the app "access" if an email is sent for the access... This is a main reason for 2fa and such. (the same goes for phone number).

The only real solution for passwordless (sic) authentication is either an app or a (usb)key. See for example the auth0 implementation for details. (or the MS Authenticator).

The idea of implementing an own authentication layer is outdated anyway.
Why? You do not want a crappy/outdated implementation, that you need to keep updated and secure, to expose your credential data.

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Whilst the idea of implementing your own authentication may seem outdated to you, it's
1) always good to understand how the services/libraries you use work behind the scenes
2) important to understand that often you'll require custom solutions and services like Auth0 are very rigid in certain regards

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