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post-grehs-Q-L or just post-grehs for short.

Individuals who dare pronounce it "post-gruh-sequel" (or anything else that includes the phrase "sequel") shall be dragged into the street and flogged with a wet noodle!


PostgreSQL (pronounced "post-gress-Q-L") is an open source relational database management system ( DBMS ) developed by a worldwide team of volunteers. PostgreSQL is not controlled by any corporation or other private entity and the source code is available free of charge.
Learn PostgreSQL here:

According to The world's most advanced open source database, the consensus is that you pronounce it post:gres:Q:L.

A phonetic respelling could be 'pohst:grehs:kew:el':

say 'post' as you would the word 'post' in English;
in 'gres' the 'e' sounds like it does in 'best';
QL is pronounced like the letters of the alphabet.


I believe our IT department pronounces it "Not an option". :)

Seriously though, I always wondered. One of the drawbacks of getting the bulk of your programming knowledge from reading is it's often hard to tell just how to pronounce many of the products and terms when actually speaking to another person (as opposed to just typing in a chat/slack/etc.).


I say POST-GER-ESS-CUE-ELL, but most of the time, it's just "Postges", no QL.


I say Postgres, as in:


or more easily read as:



I say Postgres. I also do searches without the QL. AFAIK, the non-SQL version of Postgres fell out of use a while ago. And that is two extra syllables/letters I don't have to waste energy on.


Postgreskel. :D I usually don't pronounce it at all, though, so don't ask me.


I just say POSTGREE. Here in Brazil we understand ourselves with just POSTGREE. Sometimes POSGRES.

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