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Discussion on: I improved how I approach Frontend interviews with these strategies - (Junior web dev level tutorial)

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Robert Gold

Great post, Matt! Thanks for sharing your video.

I find it fascinating that you applied to 300 companies in two years. The amount of time that goes into the admin for applications is huge, as are the interviews and onsites.

One thing we've noticed is that the more prepared candidates are for the interviews, the better. We even allowed a candidate to push their interview a whole week so they could practice their algorithms (though not every recruiter would agree with that).

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Matt Upham Author

Not everyone would agree with the way I approached the job search, but as someone with no experience on my resume with an irrelevant degree, the world was against me. So I focused on upping the numbers, along with honing my skills and studying. It was the best way I could think about increasing my opportunities. From my experience, the people who got solid offers out of a bootcamp generally had to apply to ~100+ companies. I wasn't in a spot where I could continue going without work, so it was survival mode