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Discussion on: Why to use Deno?.

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Avalander • Edited on

I think this article could use some references and more detail to be useful to people trying to decide whether to use deno. For instance:

No need for prior knowledge

That's highly debatable. You can say that about anything since you're gonna have to learn it along the way. Why is it easier for a plumber that has never seen a piece of code to write a service in deno than let's say PHP?

  • Deno is useful for creating a superfast application.

Where are the benchmarks proving this?

  • faster requests speed and response time

Faster than what? Rust? Again, where are the benchmarks proving this?

  • Deno save time in development

  • 40% percent of fewer lines of code

  • 40% fewer files

Compared to what? Let's say I'm writing an application in Clojure, can you guarantee I'll have 40% less code if I switch to deno? Where are the case studies?

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Nikhil karkra Author

That's a very good point. Let me build a small demo in all languages and try to find out.