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Discussion on: Create a Snake clone with Hyperapp, part 1

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Avalander Author • Edited on

Thanks for the observation πŸ˜„

You are right that the function updateSnake is not pure because it mutates the snake, however, if you look at the action updateSnake, you'll see that it returns a shallow copy of the state, so hyperapp won't get confused (as far as I know, when you return the same state object the view is not updated, but there are no problems returning shallow copies).

const actions = {
    updateSnake: () => state => ({
        snake: updateSnake(state.snake, state.direction),

Maybe naming both the action and the function updateSnake was a poor choice, though.

I would definitely choose your update method over the naΓ―ve approach if I hadn't put it as an exercise for the reader at the end of the second part :)