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I think this view is a bit simplistic. I do agree with the part that being good at programming is not enough to be a good programmer anymore. But I don't agree at all with the extreme you suggest that

To be a good programmer you don’t need to be good at programming.

Granted, to thrive as a developer you need in most cases empathy, communication skills, planning skills, to be able to deal with changing requirements and unexpected things, etc.

However, precisely as you say, you aren't working alone in a single codebase anymore. Other people are building features on that codebase at the same time as you. Other teams depend on the software you build to be bug-free and available at all times.

Besides being able to collaborate with those other developers, I think it is more important than ever to be able to write code that is clear, composable, and has few corners where bugs can hide; unit tests that express the intended functionality of a module; integration/end-to-end tests that ensure everything still works as expected when new features are deployed; and so on.

Precisely because I have to work on other developers' code, I want to work with people that are good at writing code.


The simplification was intended, I'd also prefer to work with people that are good at writing code, but I'd also like to be able to hold a conversation with them. Thanks for voicing your views!

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