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Discussion on: Daily Challenge #80 - Longest Vowel Change

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Avalander • Edited


import Data.List (groupBy)

longest :: String -> Int
longest = maximum . map length . filter (isVowel . head) . groupBy bothVowels
    bothVowels a b = (isVowel a) && (isVowel b)

isVowel :: Char -> Bool
isVowel = (flip elem) "aeiou"

longest "codewarriors" -- 2

I could have done it with a single fold, but I decided to group the characters by groups of vowels and non-vowels, filter out the groups that are not vowels, map the length of each group and pick the largest number.

Also, almost entirely point-free, a pity I couldn't figure out how to make bothVowels point-free.

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