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What can we, as an industry, do now to encourage more female coders?

Give visibility to the women that already are in the industry. This week I was at Nordic.js and about half of the speakers were women and it was awesome. There were also quite a few women attending the conference, and it was amazing to realize how many women with great ideas and experiences are already there but we seldom notice them.

I've seen a trend in the past few years that more women are creating content and getting exposure and, honestly, we need to keep doing that, it's important that everyone can find role models in the industry and I'm tired of hearing women saying that they never considered working in tech because it is a guy's thing.


Thank you for your reply.

I originally made CodeTips as a dedicated to my daughter, and a resource to help her learn to programme should we want to take that route.

Is there anything I can do on that site to give more visibility to women who code? I'm asking because I don't know - should I try and get a regular female writer, would that help?

Any other ideas?

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