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re: Still, it sounds like a weird flex. I'd probably be suspicious if half of the content was behind a paywall without any possibility to get a refund....

As I said, I think that what you are suggesting is fair but weird. There are a lot of scam courses out there and I have no way to know how genuine or good they are before I pay. The fact that half of the course is free is irrelevant because I have no guarantee that the creator hasn't stolen that part to get people to buy the course and the other half is also stolen or utter rubbish.

In the end, after someone got the project or the course.
They decide to issue a refund, because why not it is there.

I think you are blowing things a bit out of proportion here. I never said that buyers should be able to get a full refund after completing the course or that it is easy to create genuine good training material. You suggested a business model and I said I'd be suspicious.

Usually, refund policies don't let you get your money back after you have completed the course. In most cases, you have limited time to ask for the refund and you cannot have completed more than a certain amount of the course. Of course asking for your money back after you've completed the course is bogus, but asking for your money back after watching some of the material and realising it is not what you expected is completely normal.

After someone downloads your course using other methods, they can issue a refund.

There are a lot more points of view on this problem. Also, I think after you have seen half the course, you will know if that course and teaching style suit you.

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