re: How do you manage your dotfiles across multiple and/or new developer machines? VIEW POST


I typically keep them all in the GitHub, luckily none of mine have any secrets or anything like that.


After you clone the repo on to your machine, how to you install them (e.g. symlinking files, etc.)? Do you have something like an “” script in the repo that you run?


That would be clutch! I typically just copy and paste if there are any updates, many changes outside of the base set ups are specific to the laptop for work vs personal !

Here’s my very personalize Makefile for installing which perhaps could be adapted.

Which, when looking over just now for the first in quite a while, needs some clean up.

Hmmmm I like this enough that I might do it too. Right now I'm symlinking everything in a bash script which works well, but the uninstall would have to be manual at the moment. I like that make would kind of supervise all of that.

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