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Dart VS C++ !! Its Interesting

Reading Input from User in C++ vs Dart


using namespace std;
int main() {
string name;
return 0;


import 'dart:io';
void main(){
var name = stdin.readLineSync();

Now let's see the actual difference!

Difference Between DART and C++

Competitive Programming teaches one to find the easiest solution in the quickest way possible. And C++ has always been loved by almost all competitive programmers. C++ language is capable of boosting the speed of debugging and problem-solving which are the necessities for this brain sport.

Why is C++ a high in-demand language in competitive programming?

C++ was developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. Ever since then, it has been actively used by coders for real-world applications like game development, browsers, banking, graphics, advanced computations, and more. This is one reason why C++ hasn’t lost its place.

In-built functions: C++ is rich with the in-built functions that are associated with it. Eg: Sorting can be done in C++ using: sort(A, A+n) where ‘A’ is an array and ‘n’ indicates the length of the array.

A very vast library: The templates in C++ help the programmers quickly tackle basic data structures and functions. They include lists, stacks, arrays, etc. Also, many header files can be replaced by using a single STL(Standard Template Library). It actually makes the life of competitive programmers easier.
Speed: C++ is very fast compared to any other programming language.

Speed: C++ is very fast compared to languages like Python and Java. Whether it’s compiling or I/O operations, C++ is swift compared to these languages using interpreters and complex codes.


Is DART a rival to C++?

DART is basically a client-optimized language and is meant for serving applications at the server-side as well as the browser side.
It is also used in mobile applications. These days, Dart is seen replacing Kotlin in app development using Flutter as it avoids the need for a separate declarative layout language like XML and JSX.

While C++ is an object-oriented programming language with generic features, Dart is an object-oriented, web-based programming language.

Therefore, it can be easily compiled to JavaScript for browser applications. Also, we can use the Dart virtual machine on the server-side to replace Node.js.

This has enabled Dart to erase the imprints of the C++ family modern applications.

*Update: C++ is intrinsically stingy with memory (unlike Java objects, a C++ struct has no memory overhead if there are no virtual functions [modulo word alignment issues]). Smaller things run faster due to caching and are also more scalable.

Thank you for Reading this Boring Post :P

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Gerrit Weiermann

Liked it :)
One thing I missed, which I thought you would include: performance comparision

C++ devs like performance and so I guess that's very important to your readers :)

Have a nice day :)

avinashchandan12 profile image

thank you soo much for reminding this important point.. :)

Updating it..

trixxi profile image

Nice article, however. C++ was created by "Bjarne Stroustrup" in 1979. Dennis Ritchie created C, which C++ is an extension of.