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This is an awkward thing you've written. Are you at the end of your career?
Maybe wait a few decades before attempting to define all the career stages?

There's a person at my previous organization who is a former bank cto who now just wants to code. He's a mid level engineer in a organization around 200 folks strong. Where is he on your hierarchy? Has he gone down two stages from Leader all the way to Senior Developer?

Where's the emotional aspect of this? Where's the progression from having no idea what's going on and being distressed about it, but loving the feeling of getting things working; to thinking you know what's going on and being able to sort of fly through more mundane requests; to realizing you don't have any idea of what's going on actually but what you know is upsetting you; to a begrudging acceptance that everything is a house of cards, that there be dragons, but you can build nice interfaces around them and live in the cage of your own construction and at least understand the shitty tradeoffs you had to make; and then whatever comes after that? Where's the first time you had to tell someone not to refactor that shitty code that's been lying around forever because there's no compelling business case and the risk isn't worth the potential reward, no matter how unpleasant/difficult it might be to work with? Where's the understanding that comes from your first failure? from your first success?

Why does your hierarchy include a sojourn through management? Have you never worked at a place where there was an individual contributor track that would see you well up the chain? Those people DO sometimes get asked to weigh on in business concerns, but they can also hide out and solve particularly difficult or important problems.

Why did you write this? Is the taxonomy of roles really so uncommon or unexpected that we need yet another surface level take?


To be honest, I suspect you aren't really looking for me to respond to the questions you asked (which you answered yourself anyway).

If there are some honest questions you would like me to respond then I'd be more than happy to answer. You can even DM me if you feel that is more appropriate :)

Thanks for taking the time to chime in!

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