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Discussion on: Does your background make your work unique?

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I was in environmental Sciences, and still regularly an activist in ecology, which makes me care about the energy use by my page, making me trying to improve the efficiency of my code constantly. The problem with the energy used by data center and IT makes me feel anxious.
I also used to be in architecture, I was lie you searching for the way to create. I actually tried project management and business analyst before coding. It gives me a good view of the business part of the project, not only the technical part.

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Paula Santamaría Author

Nice to meet a fellow creator :)
Thanks for sharing your very interesting background! Which resources would you recommend to check the enviromental impact of web/mobile apps?

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AxelleDRouge • Edited

On web app I have an extension for Chrome to test it : GreenIT it's a french extension app, based on this But mostly the tools of Firefox Developer Edition and Chrome on Memory management are the most important ones. I care mostly about the amount quantity of energy needed, therefore the quantity of data to add, the amount of computing that eats RAM, the quantity of objects, the size of the DOM,... Everything we should work on to reduce the size of the app, the exchanges with the server that cost energy,..