re: We have 2 arrays of objects of the same class. How to substract the 1st from the 2nd, based only on one property? VIEW POST

re: Merge both aaray using Let newSet=[...set1,...set2] Then apply this funtiin... function unique(array, propertyName) { return array.filter((e, i...

Thanks for your reply.
Could you details more the process you use? Why would you use findIndex?
I tried to use your method in my use case, but it doesn't remove all the values from the smaller list in the total one
I will edit my post to make it more clearer with the expected result


I have used findindex to find current index property value to match with passed property to make it unique

Doesn't findIndex returns the first value that match the provided testing function? In need all the elements that match the predicate, not only the first one.

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