re: Name a tech you recently tried, but wasn't fully a fan of? VIEW POST

re: I would recommend to try Sketch and InVision as well, to understand the best fit ;)

Maybe I will try InVision for a next project.
But not Sketch, because I'm on Windows (and I don't like Apple)

Hahah, that escalated pretty quickly 😂 😂

😂 At least it's clear ;) but well, it's a true problem for Sketch. I don't want to have to buy a mac just for a software (a friend actually did that)

Straight outta series 'How to loose a friend in web dev 101s' 😂

Well she's a UX designer, so... maybe it's legit ?

Good for her, plus she can still run Win or Linux on that if she later decides to work on any of those two ;)

Yeah that's the plan :)

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