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I have drummed into every one that has worked with me a few key concpets around code:

  1. Choose variable and function names that make sense and remain consistent, i.e. verb noun, hungarian notation, etc
  2. Write pseudo code and leave as comments, as it sows your thought process.
  3. Review comments and update when adding patches.
  4. Clean code when ever possible, every time you touch the code try to re-factor at least one line.

I could do better at writing better commit messages!

I think I am past learning new languages at this stage of my career, but perhaps not, always fancied having another go at Ruby as the first time I looked at it the documentation was in Japanese!

I used to use UltraEdit, but moved across to PHPStorm a couple of years ago, for most of the web scripting I do. Worst decision made, using netbeans ...

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