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How Do We Make A SNES Emulator (using python) ?

everyone has played mario and kirby games since snes and nes were launched right ? maybe some of you haven't but i am not going on those games i am going on the console snes which is now in emulated versions now i have a question how do we make an snes emulator using python ? why not make a small team and build it ? thanks in advance

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You start by understanding the hardware. Emulation is basically simulating the hardware of the device.

SNES is pretty complex for a first emulation project. I'd recommend with the classic CHIP-8 Emulator. Plenty of games to test it out on too.

Here's a Python tutorial for

Once you've done that you can use this SNES documentation as a good reference.

Like all software projects, start small and work your way up. Good luck!

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SahilGupta1331 • Edited on

I haven't really tried to make an emulator but I know that to make a SNES emulator, you'll need to completely reverse engineer a real SNES and implement all that logic in python.

Well someone has already tried it...

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well for co-op, yes, it'll be a nice learning experience I guess...

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Adam Crockett

It's such a big question, my advice, research a smaller piece of an emulator and ask about that, then choose a language and then assemble a team with at least the start of a plan.

Assuming Python is still the right choice, the pysnes repo in the other comments my vht be a great starting point, just fork it and start to reverse engineer it.