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Jupyter notebook: Python IDE for android


Termux is the best linux terminal environment app. It provides a terminal environment with mutiple sessions provision and comes handy to apply almost very linux deployment.

Interactive python Environment :

Jupyter notebook is one of the famous interactive python environment. It runs in your web browser in your localhost address.


1. Install termux app (can be installed from android playstore or Fdroid )

2. Any web browser (if already present like chrome, firefox then not needed )

Process to install:

Goto termux and open it, if its your first time installing termux the it may take few seconds to install its dependencies.

Now type in the termux terminal:

$ apt update  
$ apt upgrade  

These commands updates all necessary dependencies of the termux with latest updates.

Now we need to install python, for this type in terminal :

$ pkg install python

This installs python 3 package to your termux. The python package comes with all basic modules and pip too. For checking if the python is installed correctly type in terminal :

$ python

_You will see >> appearing , which confirms our install. Now, press ctrl+d which exit you from python. _

Upgrading pip:

let's upgrade our pip to latest version , for this type:

$ pip install --upgrade pip

Installing Dependencies from pip:

Finally we can now proceed to install jupyter notebook by pip but first we need to download clang (converts our program into object, for machine execution) , fftw and others. Now, type in terminal:

$ apt install clang python  fftw libzmq freetype libpng pkg-config

Installing Jupyter notebook:

_Type this in the terminal to download jupyter notebook. _

$ LDFLAGS=" -lm -lcompiler\_rt" pip install jupyter 

After, jupyter is installed, type in terminal:

$ jupyter notebook 

_It shows something like this _

The output in terminal clearly shows to access the notebook we can open by coping any of those 3 lines , you can go copy http://localhost one and paste it in your browser and something like this will be seen :

Now, to work on notebook, you can create a notebook and work on.

Back in terminal press ctrl+c to quit the notebook.

You can further install your required packages such as numpy, matplotlib and pandas too.

For this type in terminal:

$ LDFLAGS=" -lm -lcompiler\_rt" pip install numpy matplotlib pandas

There you go, with jupyter notebook. If you want other packages you can easily install with pip.

Happy hacking. _x_

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blackbla profile image
blackbla • Edited

pip install --upgrade pip is generating error
ERROR: Installing pip is forbidden, this will break the python-pip package (termux).

victorgeel profile image
Victor is Geek

Yes ,me too

sakhu0 profile image

I can't get right, if you have please share

udaymalviya profile image

We can't upgrade it because pip install --upgrade pip is used when we internally use pip.But in termux we have additional package for pip which is python -pip

peter0034 profile image

I can't see any files or documents under the web brower (Andriod tablet). Can anyone help me?

frank6985 profile image

Can i do this for other languages also like java,c++, htmlt etc

pixei profile image

You can eventually install vscode on termux, which give you the power to work with
other language . :D

pabirul profile image
Sk Pabirul Islam
bezirganyan profile image
Grigor Bezirganyan

This can actually be pretty cool combined with Samsung DeX :D

fahadali profile image
Fahad Ali

how access web using mathplotlib for opencv2 pls tell us pls

udaymalviya profile image

pkg install matplotlib

kumawayo profile image
Kumawayo tech

Want to learn anything about hacking

victorgeel profile image
Victor is Geek

I have give up by this error
Then i use pydroid3

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