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Well, I too am depended on. The company I work at gave me my first job and started my career. This makes it really tough for me to justify in my head that I should walk away and do my own thing, even though at the same time it feels like that is what I should do.

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Marc Backes πŸ₯‘ Author

They gave me a job when I needed one too. I adapted a lead role very quickly and designed most of the newer modules on the stack. BUT: I also contributed a lot during the years. They went from 5 digits in utilities to 7 digits in the time I were there. Obviously not saying that it was all because of me. But I’d like to think I added to that.

Also, I gave them a 6 months notice. And already mentioned that I wanted to leave a year before. They had time to prepare.

And even if you made friends there: It’s still business. You need to invest in yourself. I know that’s hard. I battled with my decision a lot. And I got offered a lot of very tempting offers to stay. But at the end, I knew what I wanted for myself. And it was probably the best decision I could have made.

If you feel β€œguilty” for letting down the company: Give them plenty of time ahead to plan your departure. Also, you can offer yourself to keep working on a freelance basis if they need for for important things.

They will (at least should) be happy for your decision to follow what you want.