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Discussion on: Why I can't recommend Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin

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Bret Williams

I've bought some Fowler books but every time I read one I'm reminded of the needless abstractions that clouded pertinent information when I was reading the Gang of Four book. I'm struggling through "Clean Code" by Robert Martin right now and I'm feeling the same way as the author of this article does about "Clean Architecture". Seems a lot of filler that is basically nitpicking. I'm not sure how many people are interested in a graph depicting average Java function lengths and how it is relatable to day-to-day programming concerns.

One point I really enjoyed in this critique by Mr. Osepchuk is the lack of time spent on dealing with existing code ("legacy code" as people are fond of saying). You are darn lucky to work on a brand new codebase - you are working on existing codebases for about 90% of your career. Nope, you're not going to be re-writing that $500 million dollar website on Node/React when the PHP implementation is humming along just fine.