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I'm 42 and still coding, I have had the chances to move up the ladder but asides from the financial reward everything else on that path seems much more stressful, I honestly struggle to see the appeal of that path, but I have mostly been motivated by freedom in life and not money.

I keep up to date and just love learning, I use React, Vue JS, Tailwind, ES6, Gatsby and GraphQL regularly, so I think I run with the cool kids at the moment lol.

Admittedly I do tend to use Vim over WebStorm / PHPStorm sometimes, so I guess that makes me an old fogey.

I am happy to keep coding, and since my generation will never retire due to how messed up the UK is, I will probably die at this keyboard haha


If you think UK is messed up, be happy you're not living in this cesspool called Croatia 😕


Bok, prijatelj.

Imamo puno hrvatski programski inzenjir u Irskoj. Dođi!

Hi Kyle

Yes, I know, it's becoming a trend for Croatians to emigrate to Ireland. Not that it's off the table, but for the time being, I have stay here in Croatia. When I decide to leave this Mordor behind me, I think I'll consider Netherlands first. Send my regards to all the Croatians in Ireland, nothing here to lament about.


Amsterdam is a wonderful choice - I also considered moving there.

I love Croatia - I'm going back in 3 weeks time. Wonderful country - shame about the politicians!


Well we have Brexit so 🤷🏼‍♂️

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