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I have a "Workspace" folder containing everything for me. This folder syncs with Dropbox, GDrive, and OneDrive (as well as my Synology 24TB NAS) every Hour using SyncBackup and in Zip format to ensure space optimization. Recently I also added a backup option to Azure Storage - Call me paranoid, if you will :-)

This folder has several second-level technology-specific folders I work across like "Python", "Java", "Go", "C#", "Rust", "PowerShell", "Bash", "JavaScript", "Node.js" etc.

Each folder has a set of fixed folders like this:

  • Books, Videos, Podcasts, Resources, Projects, Tools, Snippets

There is respective hierarchy under each of the above set of folders, but we will see here what's under the Projects folder as that is specific to the question, and where I have another classification of folders like:

  • Official, Labs, Personal, Archives, Forks, Samples

I selectively sync my public personal projects with GitHub (under an unassuming pseudo), sync my official projects on my company Azure Repos, and sync my private personal projects with GitHub private repos and also a GitLab instance on my NAS -

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