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Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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Bartholomew Allen • Edited

I will admit my story goes through a lot of changes so it all started back in high school whereas a Senior I wanted to major in Culinary Arts thinking that I would be the best Chef possible and one day own my own restaurant.

It wasn't until my parents and I went to a local culinary arts school in the city and after the tour discussed out tuition and payment plans where things started to get intense. After the adviser broke down the tuition costs and fees my parents needed to sleep on it because it was an expensive school at the time. That next morning I woke up and my mother was waiting upstairs in the dining ready to talk to me about their decision and what she thinks is best. Basically she told me that I would not be able to attend that school due to the high tuition costs and at the time I didn't know how to drive so I would have had to catch two buses to get to the school (This was worry some for my parents since the school was located in Baltimore City). After she laid down the bad news she handed me a community college page that had a list of majors to choose from the list. At that point, I was upset that I would have to change majors but I didn't want to put any stress or burden on my parents.

As I was looking through the list of majors I saw Game development listed as a major and decided to enlist in fall 2013 as a Game Development major. After the fall semester, I took a semester off to work for a bit and get money to pay for my next few semesters and learn how to drive. Coming back fall 2014 semester, my mother had another conversation with me about the longevity of being a game developer which made me do some research into job prospects of game development within my state and in general. As I saw game development wasn't something I wanted to do anymore since it was an industry that I didn't want to do long term.

During my winter break, I decided to do research and logical reasoning to see what major I could switch to before continuing in the spring. Luckily I found out that game development was a subcategory under the world of computer science! And I then came across software engineering which made me super excited when I researched more about it. After that, I changed my major to computer science! The rest is history, ever since then its been a long bumpy road through this major and occupation/career path but its all worth it! I have to thank my parents and especially my mom for pushing me to evaluate my life choices carefully and ultimately choosing one of the coolest and best occupations ever!

Basically, I changed my major three times starting at Culinary Arts -> Game Development -> Computer Science, my mom was the source of reasoning for changing my career path.

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Rob Kendal {{☕}} Author

Brilliant, thank you for sharing your journey. It’s so nice to hear parents that guide you based on some evidence rather than because they don’t like it or think it hasn’t got a future. It’s so interesting learning about other people’s route and none of them are the same ☺️