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Visited the site, things look good, and it seems like it fits you well. Nicely done!

A word of caution, though: the links in the post (at least on my mobile device) link to an https endpoint, which provides a certificate mismatch warning when trying to view it.

screenshot of https warning

You may want to take a look at what heroku provides for https endpoint support, and/or look into Let's Encrypt for getting a site certificate.


Thanks for this! Yes, I think I know the issue. When you transfer a domain name from one Heroku deployment to another, you also need to renew the certificate on the new deployment to reflect the new domain name. I forgot to do that, now it'll have to wait until after work today! :) Really appreciate the heads up!


I was able to address this during my lunch break today. The SSL cert is propagating now, should hopefully be resolved fully in the next hour or so!

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