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DotNet OpenSource Days-2

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Dot Net Open Source Days (3 Part Series)

1) DotNet OpenSource Days -1 2) DotNet OpenSource Days-2 3) DotNet OpenSource Days-3

Will we see you on Apr-17-2020?


Join us on April-17-2020 at the first virtual version of DotNet Open Source Days.

We are excited to have Chris Woodruff do the keynote on "Embracing your Renaissance Man (or Woman) in the Digital Age".

Whether you are CodeNewbie or experienced professional everyone has something to learn from this virtual conference.

Check out the great line up of speakers.

DotNet Open Source Days Speakers

Check out the website for updated schedule.

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That one guy looks familiar!

I look forward to seeing you.all there. I will be presenting on Scientist .NET. I should also give Baskar a shoutout here as he was who pointed me to in the first place!

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