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There are different idea's about keeping relevant as a programmer though. Some people argue that you should run your private projects, develop in your free time, get your hands dirty on all things new. I personally don't do anything like that! I have a full time job that demands all my attention and energy, and I have a social life with friends and family. Yet at least I try to have a global sense of the latest trends.

For example, I've never worked with Redux, but I've read articles and watched talks so I have enough knowledge that, if I have to work with Redux, I can be up and running in short time. That's enough for me.

Fun thing is, more and more devs started to criticize Redux lately for not being the solution to every problem, where not to long ago Redux was like the holy grail of state management. By the time I switch job, Redux might not even be that relevant anymore.

So yeah, don't be a stagnant developer. But also don't be a developer that's burned out by a pressure to know all things hipster and wasted too much time on learning everything.

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