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It's certainly not lesser-known, but Visual Studio Code really can't be beat for any platform at this point. What may be lesser known (?) is that its remote tools (they really are just "wrappers" for well-known services like SSH, but they finally got integrated) are very evolved now and work very well on nearly any platform, and are "better" in many cases than third-party plugins (they put your workspaces and many of your plugins onto remote servers/local VM's/etc, which is very solid).


Don't know about other languages, but VS Code is clearly not the best Java IDE.


I've never used it for Java. They've just recently released a Java version of it, and like most open projects it's completely dependent on which plugins you install--it's FOSS and written in the Electron framework, and the root front-end is all TypeScript (see

If you install the right plugins, it's the best PHP IDE I've used, and there's a consensus that's it the best for JavaScript/TypeScript (for really obvious reasons). The plugin community is really why it has taken over.

Their Java plugin is not as good as what Intellij Idea, Eclipse or NetBeans offer, yet.

Vs code is maybe the best code editor but it's not an IDE and if you make a project you need an IDE.
For PHP just try PhpStorm. After loosing 2 hours on a laravel project I switched to jetbrains software and now Vscode is only for markdown or code reading.

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