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Discussion on: 3 Ways To Support Women In Tech

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Benjamin Cronce

Even if there are many fewer women interested, I think we can all agree that tech related industry is fairly toxic, which makes it that much more difficult for women to enter since they're less likely to put up with it. When I say "toxic", I don't just mean possible biases, but people having to work 60-80+ hours per week, top-down management, etc.

By definition, there are few really good people. The value delivered by ability increases on a power curve. Fewer bugs result in less time wasted, less time wasted results in more improvements, more improvements result in better products, better products result in more work getting done. It all compounds. Someone who is slighlessly better can be dramatically more productive. Same pattern for any system with a feedback. We want women because half of the population is women. Without them, we're down 50% of great programmers/IT.