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Having been on this treadmill for several decades, I can appreciate Kyle's approach ... and his conclusion is decent. Two things to add that all y'all seem to have missed.

1) Committing to a language is only half the story. Equal productivity and value comes from committing to the libraries available to a language. Similar library systems for Java and Python, and vastly different for JS. The choice of language and libraries enables certain market segments and discourages others. Big question: what do you want to produce after learning a language?

2) Whatever you choose to learn, dive in with real projects that pose unanticipated challenges. And along the way, read read read lots of great code. Great coders teach subtlety, appropriateness, and approach.

Both of these make all the difference.

Oh, and by the way ... programming is only half the story. Software engineers are far more than programmers. But that's for another day ...


Great points Barry! Both very important lessons to learn on the flights of stairs in the developer's skyscraper!

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