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Lab #6: Experience a mature SSG project

Docusaurus way too good for hosting docs

This week lab, we got a chance to play around with Docusaurus. You can check out my Docusaurus and GitHub Pages hosted site. It was fast and straight forward to set up a Docusaurus project, the doc is crystal clear. During the time exploring Docusaurus, I want to have full markdown support for my project and syntax Highlighting for code blocks base on what Docusaurus did. After I was allow to use a proper library to have full markdown support for my website, I found markdown-it a library that fully help my project to implement full makrdown support.
My code transform to this:

var md = require('markdown-it')();

const heading1Markdown = (content: string): string => {   
  return md.render(content);

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You can check out all my change throught 051a53. I'm in the progress to have my website support hilighting for code block base on the programming language prefer to issue-14 soon.

I also update the doc and resolve a conflict in my package.json where I used to have 2 typescript package that install and causing some bug in my code

Hosting Docusaurus to GitHub Pages

When I try to host my Docusaurus project to GitHub, my website display only my file but thankfully for a detailed doc on how to deploy Docusaurus project to GitHub Pages. I was able to make a few change to my config files which help me to host my Docusaurus project

const config = {
  title: 'tpmai',
  tagline: 'Dinosaurs are cool',
  url: '',
  baseUrl: '/docusaurus_testing/',
  onBrokenLinks: 'throw',
  onBrokenMarkdownLinks: 'warn',
  favicon: 'img/favicon.ico',
  organizationName: 'BeAmazedVariable'  , // Usually your GitHub org/user name.
  projectName: 'docusaurus_testing'}

 module.exports = config;

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