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My third PR: Contribute to telescope

My 3rd PR : Telescope

For my third, I got a chance to work with alumini from Seneca to contribute to the Telescope project. I intend to pick another easy one since I'm not that familiar with the project yet and I found issue-2362

I forked the repo and clone it locally into my computer and start to work on upgrading eslint to 8.x. I created a topic branch names issue-2362 and make some reading about how to safely install or upgrade npm packages. Apprently, I will come in and use npm outdated for a list of outdated npm packages but it seem like ESLint did not show up in the list and it come to my realize that npm outdated list outdated in dependencies but not the devDependencies so I have to use npm outdated --save-dev instead to get the result that I wanted

Package                           Current   Wanted  Latest  Location
eslint                              8.1.0   7.23.0   8.1.0  @senecacdot/telescope
eslint-config-prettier              8.3.0    8.1.0   8.3.0  @senecacdot/telescope
eslint-plugin-import               2.25.2   2.22.1  2.25.2  @senecacdot/telescope
eslint-plugin-jest-playwright       0.6.0    0.2.1   0.6.0  @senecacdot/telescope
eslint-plugin-prettier              4.0.0    3.4.0   4.0.0  @senecacdot/telescope
eslint-plugin-promise               5.1.1    5.1.0   5.1.1  @senecacdot/telescope
eslint-plugin-react                7.26.1   7.22.0  7.26.1  @senecacdot/telescope
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After that, I use npm update "eslint" but nothing seem to happen. There was no package installing and it seem like the cmd just skip my command line and when I check for outdated packages again they said I was not be able to update eslint package because I can not pass semver range. I did make more reading and after half an hour, I figure it out it was because of the version part

npm package versioning follows semantic versioning. So, a package version has 3 parts - Major.Minor.Patch

So npm update <package-name> will only help me to update minor version and if I want to update my eslint package from 7.23.0 to 8.1.0 I will have to use npm install eslint@latest

Use npm install @latest to upgrade to the latest major version of a package

After that, I use npm run eslint to make sure my update did not break the project and guess what it really did.

Error: Failed to load plugin 'import' declared in '--config': Cannot find module 'C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\repo\telescope\node_modules\eslint\lib\util\glob-utils.js'
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After talking with @humphd, he found a usefull link about the issue I was having and it point out correctly that I need to have eslint-plugin-import updated so it can support eslint 8.x. After that running eslint did not break the code anymore.Then, I uploaded my PR-2386 and receive more request asking if I can update eslint related plugins and I would be more happy to work on it !

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