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I have been using Sublime Text for a long while now, and still use it. I will admit however, I have been reading a lot of talk about various other editors. I am currently giving VS code a look, and just stumbled on CodeSandbox. While I like how VS Code has everything (Terminal, editor, etc.) In one place, I'm not sure that I'm ready to leave Sublime just yet.

I'm not one to just switch because folks say it is the next best thing since the last best thing. When I hear of something new, I'll take a look, and if I like it better than the tool I'm using, I'll use it. But a lot of what I read seems like nothing but opinion, which, nothing wrong with having an opinion, but the NPM vs Yarn, Parcel vs Webpack, etc. Doesn't seem any different than the Mac vs PC, Apple ][ vs Commodore 64, Ford Vs Chevy "debates".

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