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Discussion on: What the beep is 'this' in JavaScript

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Sebastian Stüwe

Hi Brit,

sorry for the late response - I couldn't exactly remember where it happened, but now I found the problem:

Assume the following micro-example:

START_NODE = document.getElementById('start');

class Major {
  constructor() {
    this.minor = new Minor();
    this.handler = '';

  initHandler() {
    this.handler = new Handler();

  listenToHandler(parameter) {
    this.minor.someValue = parameter;


class Minor {
  constructor() {
    this.someValue = '';

class Handler {
  constructor() {
    this.button = document.createElement('button');
    this.button.innerText = 'Click!';
    this.button.addEventListener('click', major.listenToHandler.bind(3));

let major = new Major();
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Here's a possible corresponding html-file:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <script src='bindproblem.js' defer></script>
    <div id='start'></div>
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You'll notice that JS throws a TypeError which must have something to do with the scope, I presume. I've usually found workarounds, but I do not like them. I'd like to really understand the problem.


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Brit Hemming Author

This is likely a scope issue. A couple of things to know about classes:

  • classes are not hoisted - that means if we are putting our information above a class we have referenced it will not work
  • they use strict - it prevents window binding, forces us to write cleaner code with errors if we do not
  • Methods are a special syntax
  • A constructor function is visible

In your case point 1 is the issue - classes are not hoisted. You've created Handler below where you are invoking it.

Here's a codepen where I explain classes a little deeper. Hopefully that's helpful :)